VIII Science

8th science Chapter wise Test Paper and Notes
1. Force And Pressure
2. Friction
Friction and its Types Minimizing Friction
3. Sound
Production and Propagation of sound,Characteristics of sound,Noise and Music
4. Chemical Effect Of Electric Current
Conductivity of Liquids,Chemical Effect of Electric Current
5. Some Natural Phenomena
Introduction and LightningLightning and SafetyEarthquakes
6. Light
Reflection in Plane mirrors, Light and Eyes
7. Stars And The Solar System
Celestial BodiesSolar System,Other Members of Solar System ,Constellations
8. Synthetic Fibre s And Plastics : Fibers, Plastics Materials,
9. Metals And Non-Metals
Physical Properties Chemical Properties of Metals,Physical Properties Chemical Properties of Non-Metals
10. Coal And Petroleum
Natural Resources,Coal Petroleum, Natural Gases
11. Combustion And Flame
12. Pollution Of Air And Water
Air Pollution,Water Pollution
13. Crop Production and Management
Agriculture,Crop Protection,Harvest and Storage
14. Micro Oraganisms: Friend and Foe
World of Micro Organisms, Dealing with Harmful Micro Organisms, Food Preservation, Nitrogen Fixation
15. Conservation of Plants and Animals
Deforestation and Reforestation, Conservation of Forest and Wildlife
16. Cell-Structure and Functions
Introduction to Cells, Structure and Function of Cells
17. Reproduction in Animals
Sexual Reproduction in Animals, Oviparous and Viviparous Animals, Asexual Reproduction in Animals
18. Reaching the age of Adolescence
Changes During Puberty, Hormones and Reproductive Function, Adolescence and Health
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