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Mcq on metal and Non metal for class 8th

Metal and Non Metal : MCQ
1. The property of metals by which they can be beaten in to thin sheets is called-
a. malleability            b. Ductility        c. conduction     d. Expansion
Ans . 1. (a)
2. Which one of the following is metal?
a. C       b. N      c. Na         d. O
Ans . 2. (c)
3. Which one of the following is non metal?
a. Zn      b. Al    c. Fe     d. N
Ans . 3. (d)
4. All materials shown property of malleability expect
a. Iron     b. Graphite c. Aluminium  d. Silver
Ans . 4. (b)
5. Which one of the following is a good conductor of electricity?
a. Iron            b. Plastic        c. Wood         d. Glass
Ans . 5. (a)
6. The property of metal by which it can be drawn into wires is called
a. Conductivity     b. malleability            c. Ductility           d. Decorating
Ans . 6. (c)
7. The metals that produce ringing sounds, are said to be-
a. malleable         b. sonorous            c. Lustrous            d. hard     
Ans . 7. (b)
8. Which metal is found in liquid state t room temperature?
a. Fe           b. Zn       c. Hg         d. Al
Ans . 8. (c)
9. The solution of ash of magnesium ribbon is-
a. Acidic       b. Basic        c. Neutral           d. All of these
Ans . 9. (b)
10. What is the product when sulphur reacts with oxygen?
a. Sulphuric acid            b. Sulphur trioxide        c. Sulphurous acid    d. Sulphur dioxide
Ans . 10. (d)

11. When sulphur dioxide is dissolve in water then-
a. Sulphur is formed    b. Sulphur trioxide is formed  
c. Sulphuric acid is formed d. Sulphurous acid is formed.
Ans . 11. (c)
12. What is the chemical formula of sulphurous acid-
a. H2SO4                 b. SO2              c. SO3        d. H2SO3
Ans . 12. (d)
13. The sulphuric acid turns blue litmus paper into-
a. Red       b. Green      c. Yellow     d. Dark blue
Ans . 13. (a)
14. Oxides of non metals are _______ in nature
a. Basic             b. Acidic              c. Neutral              d. All of these
Ans . 14. (b)
15. Sodium metal is stored in-
a. Water        b. Alcohol   c. Kerosene             d. Ether
Ans . 15. (c)
16. Which one of the following metal reacts vigorously with oxygen and water?
a. Sodium    b. Potassium       c. Calcium         d. Magnesium
Ans . 16. (a)
17. Which metal is present in Calcium Hydroxide?
a. C    b. O               c. Ca           d. H     
Ans . 17. (c)
18. Which non-metal catches fire if the exposed to air
a. Sodium    b. Phosphorous          c. Calcium        d. Uranium
Ans . 18. (b)
19. What is the chemical formula of copper sulphate?
a. CuSO4        b. CuCO3        c. CuCl2          d. CuO
Ans . 19. (b)
20. Which gas are produced when metal react with acids
a. Oxygen      b. Nitrogen         c. Hydrogen  d. Carbon dioxide
Ans . 20 (c)

21. Which one of the following does not react with acids?
a. Cu      b. Ni     c. Cr    d. O
Ans . 21. (d)
22. Which one of the following gas burns with the "pop" sound?
a. Oxygen
b. Hydrogen
c. Chlorine
d. Hydrogen sulphide
Ans . 22. (b)
23. Which of the following can be beaten in to thin sheets?
a. Zinc
c. Sulphur
d. Oxygen
Ans . 23. (a)
24. Which of the following statements are correct?
a. All metals are ductile
b All non metals are ductile
c Generally metals are ductile
d.some metals are ductile
Ans . 24. (c)
25. What happens when dilute sulphuric acid is poured on a copper plate?
a. Copper sulphate formed
b. Zinc sulphate formed
c. Copper chloride formed
d. Zinc sulphate formed.
Ans . 25. (a)
26. On burning metals react with oxygen to produce-
a. Metal hydroxide
b. Metal chloride
c. Metal oxide
d. Metal sulphate
Ans . 26. (c)
27. Which gas produced by piece of burning charcoal?
a. CO2
b. CO
c. H2S
d. O2
Ans . 27. (b)
28. Which non metal is essential for our life and inhale during breathing?
a. H
b. O
c. C
d. N
Ans . 28. (b)
29. Non metals used in-
a. Aeroplanes
b. making machinery
c. Water boilers
d. Fertilisers
Ans . 29. (d)
30. Which one of the following is applied on wounds as an antiseptic?
a. Metals
b. Non metals
c. Metalloids
d. All of these
Ans . 30. (b)
31. Which metal is found in plants?
a. Fe
b. Cr
c. Mg
Ans . 31. (c)
32. Copper sulphate (CuSO4) possesses
a. Red colour
b. Blue colour
c. Green colour
d. Yellow colour
Ans . 32. (b)
33. Which one of the following are very reactive non metals
a. Sodium
b. Potassium
c. Carbon
d. Phosphorous
Ans . 33. (d)
34. Which one of the following is the good conducter of electricity?
a. Iron rod
b. Sulphur
c. Coal piece
d. Wood
Ans . 34. (a)
35. Which material show shiny appearance?
a. Coal
b. Sulphur
c. Aluminium
d. Carbon
Ans . 35. (c)
36. Which material is hard in nature?
a. Iron
b. Coal
c. Oxygen
d. Wood
Ans . 36. (a)
37. Gold is used in-
a. Thermometers
b. Fuel
c. Jewellery
d. Machinery
Ans . 37. (c)
38. Which one of the following metal is used thermometers?
a. Copper
b. Mercury
c. Aluminium
d. Iron
Ans . 38. (b)
39. Which one of the following can't be drawn into wires?
a. Fe
b. Al
c. Cu
d. Coal
Ans . 39. (d)
40. Which substance is present in fuel?
a. Copper
b. Iron
c. Gold
d. Carbon
Ans . 40. (d)
41. Zinc replaces copper from-
a. Zinc sulphate
b. Copper sulphate
c. sulphuric acid
d. Copper oxide
Ans . 41. (b)
42. Metallic oxides are-
a. Acidic is nature
b. Neutral
c. Basic in nature
d. Either acidic or basic
Ans . 42. (c)
43. Aluminium foil used for wrapping-
a. Food
b. Clothes
c. Plastic
d. Wires
Ans . 43. (a)
44. Which one of the following is used for decorating sweets?
a. Aluminium foil
b. Copper foil
c. Silver foil
d. All of these
Ans . 44. (c)
45. Which one of the following enhances the growth of plants?
a. Industrial gadgets
b. Fertilisers
c. Automobiles
d. Water boilers
Ans . 45. (b)
46. Which one of the following is in crackers?
a. metals
b. Semi metals
c. Non-metal
d. All of these
Ans . 46. (c)
47. Hydrogen gas produce when metal react with-
a. Acid
b. Base
c. Salt
d. Both acid & base
Ans . 47. (b)
48. Which of the following can't be beaten into sheets?
a. Zinc
b. Iron
c. Aluminium
d. Sulphur
Ans . 48. (d)
49. Heat conduction is the property of
a. Non-metal
b. Metal
c. Metalloids
d. All of these
Ans . 49. (b)
50. Moist air is the combination of-
a. H2O+CO2+O2
b. H2O+ CO+O2
c. H2O+CO2+H2
d. H2O+O2+H2
Ans . 50. (a)

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