Saturday, June 4, 2011

mcq on coal and petrolium for class 8

1. When heated in air produces
a. Carbon monoxide
b. Carbon dioxide
c. Nitrogen dioxide
d. Oxygen

2. Coal is produced in industry to get
a. Coke
b. Coal tar
c. Coal gas
d. All of these
3. Coke is used in the manufacturing of
a. Lead
b. Iron
c. steel
d. Copper
4. Which is an almost pure form of carbon?
a. Coke
b. Coal tar
c. Coal gas
d. None of these
5. The characteristic of coal is
a. tough
b. Black in colour
c. Porous
d. All of these
6. Coal tar has an _________ smell.
a. Unpleasant
b. Pleasant
c. Both (a) & (b)
d. None of these
7. Coal tar is used in manufacture of
a. Synthetic dyes
b. Drugs
c. Explosives
d. All of these
8. Naphthalene balls are obtained from
a. Carbon
b. Coke
c. Coal tar
d. Coal gas
9. Which gas is obtained during the processing of coal?
a. Carbon dioxide
b. Coal gas
c. Carbon monoxide
d. Sulphur dioxide
10 Heavy motor vehicles like trucks run on
a. Petrol
b. Diesel
c. Coal
d. Coal tar
11. Petrol and diesel can be obtained from
a. Coal tar
b. Coal
c. Petroleum
d. Coal gas
12. Petroleum is formed from
a. Domestic animals
b. Organisms in sea
c. Wild animals
d. Insects
13. Petroleum is mixture of
a. Petrol
b. Diesel
c. Petroleum gas
d. All of these
14. The layer containing petroleum oil & gas is
a. Above that of water
b. Below water
c. Between water and sand
d. Below sand
15. Refining is
a. Extracting petroleum gas
b. Separation of various fractions of petroleum
c. Heating of coal
d. Sedimentation of fossil fuel

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