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10th CARBON AND ITS COMPOUNDS (Quick Exam Preparation)

1. If the pH of water is two, out of soap and detergent which one will you usefor cleaning clothes? (1)

2. An organic compound X with a molecular formula C2H6O undergoes oxidation with in presence of Alkaline KMnO4 to form a compound Y. X on heating in presence of conc. H2SO4 at 443k gives Z which on reaction with H2O in presence of H2SO4 gives back ‘X’ ‘Z’ reacts with Br2 (aq) and decolorizes it. Identify X, Y &Z and write the reactions involved. (3)

3. An organic compound ‘A’ is widely used as a preservative in pickles and has a molecular formula C2H2O2 . This compound reacts with ethanol to form a sweet smelling compound B.(i) Identify the compound A.
(ii) Write the chemical equation for its reaction with ethanol to formcompound ‘B’

(iii) How can we get compound ‘A’ back from B?(iv)Name the process and write corresponding chemical equation (3)

4. Hydrocarbons X and Y have melting points-1900 C & -900 C respectively.Which one of these has minimum carbon in the molecule &why? (2)

5. Three bottles without labels contain alcohol, ethanoic acid and soap solution separately how will you test which bottle contains what. (3)

6. A compound X has molecular formula C4H10.It undergoes substitution reaction more readily than addition reaction. It burns with blue flame and is present in LPG. Identify ‘X’ and give the balanced equation for its combustion and substitution reaction with Cl2 in the presence of sunlight. (3)

7. A compound ‘A’ works well with hard water. It is used for making shampoos and products for cleaning clothes. A is not 100%biodegradable and causes water pollution. ‘B’ does not work well with hard water. It is 100%biodegradable and does not create water pollution. Identify A&B. (1)

8. Can we use sodium metal for drying alcohol, why? (2)

9. Complete and balance following equation:-

a) CH2=CH2 + H2 --Heat---------->

b) CH4+O2 -------------------->

10. Two alkanes A and B have 4 and 6 carbon atoms respectively in their molecule. In which physical state will they occur at room temp?

11.Give a test that can be used to differentiate chemically between butter and cooking oil.

12. How will you distinguish between ethanol and ethanoic acid by a suitable chemical test? Write chemical reactions involved.

13. Complete the following reactions :-

(a) CH3COOH + NaHCO3 --coc. H2SO4-------->

(b) HCOOH + CH3OH----------->

(c) CH3COOC2H5 + H2O------------>

14. Name the compound CH3COOC2H5.Name the acid and alcohol from which it is made .write equation.


Q 1. Which of the following is not a saturated hydrocarbon?

(i) cyclohexane. (ii) benzene.  (iii)butane (iv) isobutene

Q2. The bond between two identical non metallic atom has a pair of electron?

(i) unequally shared between two atoms.

(ii) transfercompletely from one atom to another.

(iii) with identical spins

(iv) equally shared between them.

Q 3. Covalent compounds are genarily

(i) solubal in water
(ii) insolubal in water
(iii)ionize in water
(iv)hydrolyse in water

Q 4. Propane with the molecular formula C3H8 has

(i) 7 covalent bonds
(ii) 8 covalent bonds
(iii) 9 covalent bonds
(iv) alcohol

Q 5. A hydrocarbon reacts with ammonical cuprons chloride Solution to form a red pricipate .The hydrocarbon is

(i) ethane
(ii) ethane
(iii) 2 - pentyne
(iv) 1- propyne
Q 6.Which of the following substance is added to denature Ethanol?
(i) methanol
(ii) pyricline
(iii) copper sulphate
(iv) all of them
Q7. Which of the following is not an allotropic form of carbon

(i) fluronie
Q8.Detergents are sodium or potassium salts of long chain of ;-
(i) aldehydes
(ii) ketones
(iii) carboxylic acid
(iv)sulphonic acid

Q9.Which of the following represents the correct increasing order Of unsaturated carbon ?

(i)alkanes , alkenes , alkynes
(ii)alkanes , alkaynes , alkenes
(iii)alkenes , alkynes , alkanes
(iv) alkynes , alkanes , alkenes

Q10. In double covalent bond there is sharing of
(i) 2 electrons
(ii) 4 electrons
(iii) 6 electrons
(iv) 3 electrons

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Carbon_and_its_compounds_solved_paper 1 , 2,3,4,5
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The ionization energy of an atom or molecule describes the
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X + energy → X+ + e-
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