Sunday, February 5, 2012

CBSE Guess Paper 2014 Chemistry - X Ch- carbon and its Compounds

1. Out of ketonic & Aldehydic groups , which is the terminal functional group?

2. The formula of hydrocarbon is CnH2n . Name the family to which it belongs and also predict its nature.

3. Vapours of hydrocarbon were passed through bromine dissolved in carbontetrachloride. The yellow colour of bromine got dischared. Predict the nature of the hydrocarbon.

4. A compound with molecular formula C2H6O is used as a fuel. Identify the compound.

5. Two carbon atoms can not be linked to each other by more than three covalent bonds.Why?

6. The general formula of alkanals is CnH2n+1CHO. What is the value of n for the first member? Give its structural formula and comman name.

7. Give the structure & names of the compounds of carbon (present in group 14 ) with oxygen (present in group 16) and chlorine (present in group 17).

8. A mixture of ethyne and oxygen is used for welding . Can  you tell why a mixture of ethyne and air is not used?

9. What change will you observe by testing soap with litmus paper?

10. Alcohols are organic liquids but still freely miscible with water. Explain.

11. Why is petrol regarded as a better fuel than kerosene?

12.  a) Name the gas evolved during the fermentation process.
       b) List the two products formed when enzyme invertase acts on sugar present in molasses.

13. What is unsaturation in organic compounds ? What types of compounds are unsaturated in nature ? How do they become saturated ? Give one example.

14. Differentiate on the basis of chemical properties:
      (a) Ethanol & Ethanoic acid        (b) Ethane and Ethene
15. Write the  chemical equations for the reactions of ethanoic acid with
      (a)  Sodium            (b)  sodium carbonate          (c)  ethanol in the presence of conc. H2SO4

16. What is the role of concentrated sulphuric acid in esterification reaction ?

17. An organic compound   `A’ of molecular formula C2H6O on oxidation with dil. KMnO4solution gives an acid `B’ with the same number of carbon atoms . Compound `A ‘ is often used  for  sterilization of skin by doctors . Name the compound .Write the chemical equation involved in the formation of `B’ from `A’ .

18.  (a) why does carbon form  compounds by covalent bonding?
       (b) Define functional group. Give its example.

19. What is comman in all the members of a family?

20. The formula of an ester is C3H7COOC2H5. Write the formula of the acid and alcohol from
       which acid is formed?


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