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8th Food production and managements [Assignment/Worksheet]

1. Fill in the blanks –

1. BHC and malathion are ______________.

2. Big pieces of soil formed after ploughing are _____________.

3. Raising crops by providing organic manure and applying biological control is____________

4. Rabi crops are the crops sown in __________ season.

5. The practice of sowing seeds by hand is known as _____________.

6.Large scale storage of grains is done in -------------------- .

7.Damaged seeds would ---------- on top of water .

8. The undesirable plants are called ----------- .

9. The process of loosening & turning is called ------------

2. Arrange the following agricultural practices in a proper sequence in the form of a flow chart

1.Wheat crop in a field                                         2. Manuring

3. Preparation of soil                                           4. Ploughing

5. Harvesting                                                      6. Winnowing 

7. Weeding                                                        8. Irrigation

9. Sowing                                                          10. Storage

3. Answer the following –

1. Why is it necessary to sow seeds at an appropriate depth?

2. What are the two main crop seasons? Give few examples of crops grown in each season.

3. What are manures and fertilisers? Give exmples of types of fertilisers.

4. Give a brief account on storage of grains.

5. Why is drip irrigation considered as good method of watering plants?        

6. Write the necessity of weeding, How it is done?

7. It is recommended to use manure instead of chemical fertilisers. Why?

8. Write differences between Fertiliser & Manure.

9. What are the advantages of using Manures?

Q7.Write a note on Drip irrigation.

Q8.Explain how soil gets affected by the continous plantation of crops in a field ?

4. Give two differences between –

1. Threshing and winnowing.

2. Fertiliser and manure.

3. Rabi crop and Kharif crop 

5. Define the following---

a. Weedicide

b. Animal Husbandary

c. Crop

d. Manure

6. Match  the following

   coloumn A                     column B

1) Kharif crops                 a. Food for cattle

2) Rabi crop                     b.Urea & Super phosphate

3) Chemical Fertilisers    c. Animal excreta,cow dung,urine& plant waste

4) Organic waste             d. Wheat,Gram,Pea

5) Harvesting                   e. Paddy& Maize

Full notes download link

8th_crops_production_and_management_study_notes.          Download File

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