Saturday, May 12, 2012

6th Science : Separation of Substances Hots question

1. You are given a mixture of sand and water. How do you separate them?
2. Your are given a mixture of water and oil. Using an empty cool drink bottle, How do you separate them?
3. Your are asked to dissolve sugar in water. You kept on adding sugar to water till some of the sugar is not at all dissolving by stirring with the spoon. How can you dissolve the left out sugar?
4. After the games period, you had come back to your class room and under a fan.
5. Your body becomes so cool and you feel so comfortable. Why?
6. If you keep Ice pieces in glass tumbler, you observe lot water droplets on the Surface of the tumbler. Why?
7. River water is clear where as sea water is not even though, both contains mud and sand. Why?

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