Thursday, May 31, 2012

Science Class VI: Fibre to fabric


Q 1 Fill in the blanks:-

a) A fabric is made up of______________ arranged together which are further

made up of --------------.

b) Fibres obtained from plants and animals are called______________.

c) ____________ and _________ fibres are obtained from plants.

d) W ool is obtained from the fleece of __________ and ___________.

e) Silk fibre is drawn from ___________ of silk worm.

f) ____________ and _______________are examples of synthetic fibres.

g) Jute is obtained from the____________ of the jute plant.

h) The process of making yarn from fibres is called____________.

i) Weaving of fabrics is done on ___________ which are hand operated or power operated.

Q2 Name the following:-

i) Mahatma Gandhi popularized the use of this device

ii) Device used for spinning

iii) The season in which jute is cultivated.

iv) Part of the cotton plant from which cotton is obtained.

v) Two ways by which fabrics are made from yarns.Q3 Classify the following fabrics as cotton ,wool, silk or synthetics:- Bed sheets , blankets,curtains,table cloths, towels, school bags, gunny bags and dusters

Q4 What kind of soil and climate is needed for growing cotton?

Q5 Hare cotton fibres collected from the cotton plant?

Q6 Name some places where cotton is grown in India

Q7 Name some states in India where jute is grown?

Q 8 Explain the process of ginning.

Q9 Differentiate between weaving and knitting.

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