Saturday, June 2, 2012

6th Science: Changes around us solved Questions.

Changes around us are continuous process. Some changes occur naturally and some changes can be brought about by us. Such changes are: Rusting of iron, change of the state of water, Burning of wood, Growth of nail and hair, Blooming of flower and change in day and night ,season change,
What are different types of changes?
1. Reversible changes: Changes that can be reversed is called Reversible changes. Example: water changes into ice on cooling, wax change into liquid on heating, blowing of balloon 
2. Irreversible changes: Changes that cannot be reversed is called irreversible changes. Like Milk change in to curd, Iron changes to rust, Burning of paper, cooking of food, Growth of plant and animals, weathering of rocks, wear and tear of tires.
3. Physical changes: Changes in which physical properties like shape, size and state changes without formation of new substance is called Physical changes. It is a type of reversible changes. e.g. Melting of wax, solution of sugar and water, Boiling of water, Expansion of iron on heating.
4. Chemical changes: A change in which new substance is formed is called chemical changes. it cannot be reversed .Burning of paper, growth of nail, Rusting of iron etc.
5. Exothermic changes: Change in which heat is given out is called exothermic changes. 
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