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CBSE ADDA: Chemistry:MCQ:Acid base and salt: For Olympiads

   Multiple-Choice Questions: Acid base and salt
1.  The word acid comes from the Latin word ‘ acere ‘ which means
a)      Sweet 
b)      Salty
c)      Neutral
d)      Sour
2. Substances which are bitter in taste, feel soapy on touching are known as
a)      Acids
b)      Bases
c)      Indicators
d)      Neutral solution
3. Special type of substances used to test whether a substance is acidic/basic are known as
a)      Indicators
b)      Acids
c)      Bases
d)      Salt
4. Some naturally occurring indicators are
(a). Turmeric
(b)  Litmus
©. China rose
(d). All the above
5.The most commonly used natural indicator’ Litmus’ is extracted from
(b). Turmeric
©. Indicators
(d). China rose
6. Litmus is available in the form of
 (a). Litmus paper
(b) Lichens
 ©   Indicator
 (d). China rose
7. Neutral solutions which do not change the colour of either red/blue litmus are known  as         
(a).Neutral solutions
(b) Acid solutions
©. Basic solutions
 (d). Neither acidic nor basic
8. Acetic acid is found in
(b). Spinach
©  Citrus fruits
(d). Vinegar
9. Formic acid is found in
a). Curd
(b). Spinach
©. Ant’s sting
(d) Ascorbic acid
10. Citric acid is found in
 (a). Curd
 (b). Citrus fruits
©. Ascorbic acid
 (d). Lime water
11. Lactic acid is found in
 (a). Curd
 (b).Citrus fruits
12. Oxalic acid is found in
a)      Spinach
b)      Curd
c)      Oranges
d)      Unripe mangoes
13. Ascorbic acid is found in
(a). Amla & Citrus fruits
 (b) Curd
 ©.  Oranges & lemon
  (d).Unripe mangoes
14. Tartaric acid is found in
(a). Tamarind
(b) Grapes
©  unripe mangoes
(d)All of the above
15. Calcium hydroxide is found in
Calcium carbonate
Calcium chloride
Lime water
16. Ammonium hydroxide is found
(a).Window cleaner
(c)  Soap
(d). Milk of magnesia
17. Sodium hydroxide is found in
a)      Soap
b)      Window cleaner
c)      Calcium hydroxide
d)      Sodium
18. Potassium hydroxide is found in
(a). Soap
(b). Window cleaner
© Potassium
(d)Potassium chlorate
19. Magnesium hydroxide is found in
(a). Milk of magnesia
(b).Magnesium chloride
(c)  Magnesium ribbon
(d) Magnesium hydroxide
20.Which of the following salts is basic in nature?
(a) NH4NO3 
(b) Na2CO3 
(c) Na2SO4 
(d) NaCl
1. D         2  b          3. A              4. D            5. A            6. A          7. A        8. d 
9. C           10. b      11. A          12. A          13. A           14.  D         15. d         16. A     
17.     18. A             19.a         20 B

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