Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8th The Fundamental Unit of Life : The Cell Formative assessment VIII Biology

1. Select the proper choice from the given multiple choices:

(1) Largest cell in human body is

(A) Liver cell (B) nerve cell (C) muscle cell (D) kidney cell

Ans: (B) nerve cell

(2) Who has given word cell?

(A) Robert Hooke (B) Robert Brown  (C) Watson and Crick (D) Flaming

Ans: (A) Robert Hooke

(3) Which organelle is the power house of the cells ?

(A) Plastids (B) Mitochondria (C) Golgi (D) Nucleus

Ans: (B) Mitochondria

(4) Which organelle is considered as a suicide bag?

(A) Centro some (B) Meso somes (C) Lysosomes (D) Chromosome

Ans: (C) Lysosomes

(5) It takes the food through gullet.

(A) Amoeba (B) Paramicium (C) Euglena  (D) yeast

Ans: (C) Euglena 

(6) Which cell organelle is found only in plant cell ?

(A) Mitochondria (B) Nucleus (C) Plastids (D) Ribosomes

Ans: (C) Plastids

(7) Organism in which membrane is absent surrounding nucleus and organelles.

(A) Prokarytes (B) Eukaryotes (C) Haploid (D) Diploid

Ans: (A) Prokarytes

(8) In plant cells membrane surrounding vacuoles is known as

(A) Cell membrane (B) Tonoplast (C) Cell wall (D) Nucleolus

Ans: (B) Tonoplast

(9) In animal cell lacking nucleus would also lack in

(A) Ribosomes (B) Lysosomes (C) Chromosomes (D) Endoplasmic reticulum

Ans: (C) Chromosomes

(10) Plastids are found in the cell of the following organisms:

a) Fungi b) Plants c) Protozoa d) Animals

Ans: b) Plants

(10) Double membrane is absent in.

(A) Mitochondria (B) Chloroplast (C) Nucleus (D) Lysosomes

Ans: (D) Lysosomes

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