Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chemistry X Metals and Non-metals MCQ Solved exam questions Term-1

Q.1-which of the following metals will not react with oxygen,even when heated very strongly in air?
(a) Zn               (b) Al                           (c)Ag                          (d)Fe
 Ans- Ag
Q.2-electrometallurgical process is employed to extract?
(a)Fe                (b)Pb               (c)Na              (d)Ag
Ans –  Na
Q.3-which of the following elements occurs in free in nature
 (a)Co              (b)Fe                (c)Ni                (d)Pt
Ans-(d) Pt
Q.4-What is not true about calcinations?
(a)to remove all organic matter                        (b)to convert ore into metal
(c)  to remove moisture from the ore               (d)to decompose carbonates and hydroxides
Ans-(b)to convert ore into metal.
Q.5 what is not true about roasting?
(a)to convert sulphides into oxides      (b)to remove volatile impurities
(c) to dry the ore                                  (d)to convert the the ore into fine powder
Ans-(d) to convert ore into fine powder
Q.6 which of the following pairs will give displacement reaction
(a)NaCl solution and copper metal                              (b)MgCl2 solution and aluminium metal
(c) FeSO4 solution and silver metal                             (d)AgNO3 solution and copper metal
Ans-(d) AgNO3 solution and copper metal
Q.7-A non-metallic oxide which is neutral in nature is
 (a)CO2                        (b)CO                          (c) P2O5                      (d)none of these
Q.8. An iron nail is dipped in copper sulphate solution. It is observed that
(a). The colour 0f the solution remain unchanged .     (b) The colour 0f the solution becomes red .
(C)The colour 0f the solution turns to light green .     (d)  None of these                                                                                                 
Ans:- (C)
Q.9. SO2
(a).  turns dry blue litmus paper red                 (b). turns moist blue litmus paper red
(C)turns moist red litmus paper blue                (d)  none of these                                                    
Ans:- (b)
10. Metal A when dipped in solution of salt of metal B ,then metal B is displaced . this shows that
(a).  Metal A is more reactive than metal B           (b)Metal B is more reactive than metal A
(C) Metal A and metal B are equally reactive       (d) None of
Ans:- (a).

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