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Class VI CBSE NCERT Chapter -15: Water Solved Questions

Class VI CBSE NCERT Chapter - 15: Water and Its conservation 
1. Which of the following activity does not involve use of water?
(a) Washing clothes
(b) Bathing
(c) Cleaning utensils
(d) Drying wet clothes
2. In which of the following activities will you use minimum amount of water?
(a) Bathing
(b) Brushing teeth
(c) Washing clothes
(d) Mopping a room
3. The quantity of water required to produce one page of your book is
(a) one bucket
(b) ten buckets
(c) Two glasses
(d) Few drops
4. Water in our tap comes from a
(a) river
(b) Lake
(c) Well
(d) River, lake or well
5. In which of the following case evaporation of water will be slowest?
(a) A tray of water kept in sunlight.
(b) A kettle of water kept on a burner.
(c) A glass of water kept in a room.
(d) A bucket of water kept on rooftop.
1. (d) 2. (b) 3. (c) 4. (d) 5. (c) 
Answer these questions
1.Why do wet clothes placed on a clothes line get dry after some time? Explain.
Ans: it is due to evaporation of water by the heat of the sun
2. Wet clothes dry faster if you keep them under a fan. Why? 
Ans: The rate of  Evaporation increases with increase in wind speed so, Wet clothes dry faster if you keep them under a fan
3. How does water kept under the shade of a tree also gets evaporated?
Ans: Air around us gets heated from sunlight. This warm air provides heat for evaporation of water kept in the shade.
4. Why is there a need for conserving water? Give two reasons.
Ans: (i) Increasing population need more water.
(ii) Availability of water is decreasing day-by-day.
5. If you won’t drink enough water, what happens to your body? 
Ans: There will be deficiency of water in body termed as dehydration. Our body temperature increases ,skin shrink, digestion problem etc
6. You are drenched completely while playing in the rain. But you did not stop playing. To your surprise, your clothes dried after some time. How? 
Ans: Clothes dried after some time due to body heat produced while playing.
7.  In what ways does water serves to sustain life?
Ans: Water help to control biological process of our body like ingestion, transpiration, excretion etc. We use water for house hold work and agricultural work.
8. A village near a river will always get ground water where as a village which is far away will face acute water problem. Why? 
Ans: The major part of river seeps down through the soil and form Layer of ground water called Layer of water table. A village which is far away will face acute water problem as the rate of the formation of water is very slow
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