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MCQ Acid base and salt Formative Assessment

Acids, Bases and Salts - Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

1: The colour of neutral litmus solution is
a) red (b) blue (c) purple (d) yellow

2: Which of the following indicators is an olfactory indicator?
(a) litmus (b) vanilla (c) turmeric (d) phenolphthalein

3: Which one is suitable method to find the accurate pH value?
(a) pH meter (b) pH paper (c) Universal indicator (d) Litmus solution

4: Which one of the following statements is correct about universal indicator?
(a) It is a mixture of HCl and NaOH
(b) It is a mixture of many indicators
(c) It is a solution of phenolphthalein in alcohol
(d) It is a solution of phenolphthalein in water.

5: Which of the following properties are shown by dilute HCl?
(1) It turns blue litmus red
(2) It turns red litmus blue
(3) It reacts with zinc and a gas is evolved

(4) It reacts with solid sodium carbonate to give brisk effervescence
(a) 1 and 2 (b) 1 and 3 (c) 1, 3 and 4 (d) 2, 3 and 4

6: a teacher gave two test tubes – one containing water and the other containing sodium hydroxide solution to two students. Then he asked them to identify the test tube containing sodium hydroxide solution. Which one of the following can be used for correctly identifying the test tube containing the solution of sodium hydroxide?
(a) Blue litmus (b) Red litmus (c) Sodium carbonate solution (d) Dilute HCl

7: Metallic oxides are ________ in nature, but non-metallic oxides are __________ in nature. The information in which alternative completes the given statement?
(a) neutral, acidic (b) acidic, basic (c) basic, neutral (d) basic, acidic

12: When a drop of unknown solution X is placed on a strip of pH paper, a deep red colour is produced. This sample is which one of these?
(a) NaOH (b) HCl (c) Water (d) CH3COOH

13: A student tests a sample drinking water and reports its pH value as 6 at room temperature. Which one of the following might have been added in water?
(a) Calcium chloride (b) Sodium chloride (c) Sodium bicarbonate (d) Bleaching powder

14: Solid sodium bicarbonate was placed on a strip of pH paper. The color of the strip
(a) turned red (b) did not change (c) turned green and slightly yellow (d) turned pink

15: Four drops of red litmus solution were added to each of the following samples. Which one turns red litmus blue?
(a) Alcohol (b) Distilled water (c) Sodium hydroxide sol (d) HCl

21: The pH of which of the following samples can not be found directly using pH paper?
(a) Lemon juice (b) Dilute HCl (c) Solid sodium bicarbonate (d) Solution of a detergent.

22: Which of the following natural sources contains oxalic acid?
(a) lemon (b) orange (c) tomato (d) tamarind

23: The acid found in an ant sting is
(a) acetic acid (b) citric acid (c) tartaric acid (d) methanoic acid

24: To relieve pain caused due to acidity, we can take
(a) sour milk (b) lemon juice (c) orange juice (d) milk of magnesia

25: What are the products obtained when potassium sulphate reacts with barium iodide in an aqueous medium?

(a) KI and BaSO4 (b) KI, Ba and SO2 (c) K, I2 and BaSO4 (d) K, Ba, I2 and SO2

31: Which of the following salts is basic in nature?
(a) NH4NO3 (b) Na2CO3 (c) Na2SO4 (d) NaCl

32: Which of the following salts has the minimum pH value?
(a) (NH4)2SO4 (b) NaHCO3 (c) K2SO4 (d) NaCl

33: You are given four unknown solutions I, II, III, and IV. The pH values of these solutions are found to be 3, 7, 8, and 10 respectively. Among the given solutions, which solution has the highest hydrogen ion concentration?
(a) I (b) II (c) III (d) IV

34: Which one of the following is required to identify the gas evolved when dilute hydrochloric acid reacts with zinc metal?
(a) blue litmus paper (b) red litmus paper (c) a burning slinter (d) lime water

35: Zinc reacts with an acid as well as with a base to liberate hydrogen. On the basis of this what should be the nature of the zinc metal?
(a) basic (b) acidic (c) amphoteric (d) neutral

36: When you test the solutions of sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid and acetic acid with universal indicator, in which case would you get a red colour?

(a) sodium bicarbonate (b) hydrochloric acid (c) sodium hydroxide (d) acetic acid

37: The pH of a sample of pure water is 7 at room temperature. What is its pH when a pinch of solid sodium bicarbonate is dissolved in it?
(a) vary near to 7 (b) less than 7 (c) more than 7 (d) exactly 7

38: If an unknown solution turns blue litmus red, then the pH of the solution is more likely to be
(a) 12 (b) 10 (c) 7 (d) 4

39. What is the pH of a 0.00001 molar HCl solution?
(a)1 (2)9 (c)5 (d)4

40. There are alternate acid base theories that define an acid as any species that can
{hint: According to Bronsted-Lowry theory, an acid is any species that can donate a proton to another species.}
(a) donate a proton (2) donate an electron (c) accept a proton (d) accept an electron

1:c 2:b 3:a 4:b 5:c 6:b 7:d 8:d 9:c 10:c 11:b 12:b 13:d 14:b 15:c 16:a 17:b 18:d 19:d 20:c 21:c 22:c 23:d 24:d 25:a 26:a 27:a 28:a 29:c 30:b 31:b 32:a 33:a 34:c 35:c 36:b 37:c 38:d 39. (c) 40. (a)

solved question  Acid Bases And Salts 

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